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(RFP) -Technical Assistance to Support BDF Job at DAI Global LLC/Rwanda Nguriza Nshore Project

  • DAI Global LLC/Rwanda Nguriza Nshore Project
  • Employment Type: Contract
  • Salary:
  • Deadline: 2020-11-21
  • Location: Kigali - Rwanda
(RFP) -Technical Assistance to Support BDF

Job Description

It is our pleasure to release a Request for Proposal (RFP) to support the implementation of DAI’s Nguriza Nshore Activity funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). DAI invites individual consultants to submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV) for a Senior Advisor position to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rwanda’s Business Development Fund (BDF).

 RFP Process and deadlines. This solicitation will result in the award of an Individual Consulting Agreement (ICA).

a)    Submission of Questions. Questions must be submitted no later than 1:00 pm CAT, October 13, 2020, via email to NgurizaNshore_Procurement@dai.com .

b)    Submission of Proposals.  Proposals must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm

CAT, October 21, 2020, via email to NgurizaNshore_Responses@dai.com The subject line of the email must include your name, followed by “Submission under RFP NgurizaNshore, “Technical Assistance to Support BDF.” In your email submission, certify a validity period of 60 days. Limit file submissions to 10 megabytes or less.

Proposal Composition: Proposals must include the following submission document: Curriculum Vitae (CV).

 Curriculum Vitae

The CV must be no more than ten (10) pages. The Offeror’s submission must include a CV. CVs will be evaluated on the following factors.

a. Technical Ability (70 points).  Points for this section will be awarded based

on the information presented in the Job Description (JD). Responses will be scored based on the Offeror’s CV which must address the requirements for this specific activity, incorporating the Offeror’s competencies and past performance. Furthermore, technical expertise must clearly demonstrate the Offeror’s experience working with commercial financial institutions, particularly at the senior or executive levels.

b. Rwanda Financial Sector Knowledge and Experience (30 points). Points for this section will be based on information presented in the JD. Preference will be given to Offerors that have successfully worked in and/or completed assignments in Rwanda, including but not limited to: similar services and/or relevant experience in supporting local commercial financial institutions and capacity building at the senior or executive levels.

Job Requirements

Offeror’s Agreement with Terms and Conditions. The completion of all RFP

requirements must in accordance with the instructions contained in this RFP. DAI is not required to accept and/or evaluate a CV that does not conform to the instructions of this RFP and, in addition, DAI may reject all CVs and not make an award. DAI reserves the right to conduct discussions and/or negotiations, which among other things may require an Offeror to revise his/her CV after review. By submitting a CV, Offerors agree to comply with the general terms and conditions for an award, including Representations and Certifications compliance. Offerors must provide full, accurate, and complete information in response to this solicitation. By submitting a CV, Offerors certify that they have not and will not attempt to bribe or make any payment to DAI employees in return for preference.

In addition, Offerors are strictly forbidden to contact BDF and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) during the preparation of their submission. Offerors in violation of this requirement will be disqualified.

Issuance of this RFP in no way obligates DAI to render an award, nor does it commit DAI to pay any costs incurred by the Offeror to provide a submission.


 USAID Nguriza Nshore Activity


 Scope of Work


The COVID-19 pandemic as well as measures taken to curb its spread are expected to significantly affect the Rwandan economy with 2020 GDP growth lower than expected (GDP growth has been revised from 8% to 3.5%) due to widespread disruption of business on the continent and across the world. To cushion the economic impact of the pandemic, the Government of Rwanda (GoR) has implemented a number of temporary policies (monetary and fiscal including tax relief measures) to support businesses through this period of disruption. In addition, the GoR has established an Economic Recovery Fund (ERF) to support businesses most significantly affected by COVID-19.

 The Economic Recovery Fund (ERF)

 The ERF calls for:

  • Supporting businesses in the sectors hit hardest by the pandemic so they can survive, resume work/production, safeguard employment, and expand domestic production of essential goods during and post COVID-19.
  • Assisting businesses highly impacted by the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of the virus and those exposed to consumer discretionary spending, including companies with global supply chains that have been disrupted. The sectors include but are not limited to tourism, hospitality, manufacturing (including agro-processing), transport/logistics, and SMEs linked to domestic/regional supply chains and distribution channels.
  • Supporting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and the informal sector to protect business operations, sustain employment, and stimulate household consumption. To help MSMEs, the ERF created a window for MFls and a credit guarantee facility through BDF.

 MSME Sector Impact

 Despite years of tremendous effort and significant progress achieved, Rwanda's small businesses now face unprecedented economic disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of MSMEs struggle to address the financial and human consequences brought on by the pandemic since they have very limited financial cushioning to weather broad economic and health-related shocks. Most MSMEs are the single and most important source of income for their owners’, operators’, and employees’ livelihoods. These businesses will most likely fail if not resuscitated through a mix of financial and non-financial support. To address this challenge, increase its capacity, and overcome COVID-19 impact on MSMEs, the ERF and its BDF component will strengthen access to finance for MSMEs and reduce the burden on the GOR to provide aid. 

 BDF's Role

 The GoR has devoted substantial resources to build healthy and far-reaching access to the finance ecosystem for MSMEs and it established BDF as the government’s premier agency to serve the sector. BDF was designed to increase access to finance for MSMEs and particularly for those businesses without sufficient collateral for loans. Specifically, BDF promotes alternative and affordable finance to help micro and small businesses access to credit by providing credit guarantees, quasi-equity, matching grants, SACCO refinancing, equipment leasing, and business development advisory services. In addition, BDF also develops innovative mechanisms to support MSMEs and disadvantaged special groups (TVET graduates, people living with disabilities, vulnerable genocide survivors, rehabilitated youth, reintegration of adolescent girls, etc.).

BDF is an important GoR institution and well-positioned to utilize the ERF for COVID-19 marginalized businesses and support the country’s citizenry. The ERF presents a timely and realistic opportunity for BDF to leverage its historical track record to service businesses and individuals during the current crisis and to position itself as an engine for continuous financial service innovation.

Within this context, BDF will manage two critical ERF components: (1) the Guarantee Scheme and (2) the Working Capital Window for micro-businesses channeled through SACCOs.

Refer to the Economic Recovery Fund operational guidelines established by MINECOFIN and the Directive no 0300/2020-00015 [613] of the National Bank of Rwanda determining requirements for accessing the ERF by Financial Institutions.

 MINICOM Proposal for Support

Given the ERF’s strategic importance to the GoR’s COVID-19 mitigation and recovery plans, BDF must deliver on its new mandate. As such, MINICOM, BDF’s supervisory ministry sought assistance from USAID Rwanda. MINICOM’s request for BDF is outlined below.

Areas of Support

1.     Advisor to the CEO.

  • Build the capacity of the team operationalizing and managing the fund, ensuring success, sustainability, and leverage (fundraising).
  • Solicit and obtain information and ideas from throughout the country and from key stakeholders (GoR, development finance institutions, multi- and bi-lateral donors, etc.) about the ERF, other recovery measures, and MSME impacts.
  • Ensure the availability of timely information, analysis, and advice to the CEO by formulating and later implementing new strategies and products (financial and non-financial) for MSME’s immediate survivability and long-term growth – and, ultimately, enhance the performance and competitiveness of BDF as Rwanda’s leading access to finance innovator.
  • Provide continuous advice to the CEO on internationally-accepted best practices suitable to the Rwanda marketplace of financial services to promote the long-lasting and sustainable growth of MSMEs, contributing to durable gains in entrepreneurship, job creation, and GDP.

2.    Relations Specialist. 

  • Position and build relationships between BDF and key constituencies to raise awareness about the role and success of BDF to leverage additional financial resources for intermediation to BDF’s core MSME clientele – either directly through BDF or other channels (banks, MFIs, SACCOs, etc.).
  • With the CEO and the Advisor to the CEO, interact regularly with the donor community and maintain communication channels, frequently share reporting and related documentation on BDF’s successes, and conduct site visits with MSME clientele.
  • Work closely with BDF's Advisory and Communications teams, ensuring GoR, key constituencies, and MSME financing objectives are continuously aligned and mutually re-enforcing.
  • Capture and distribute information to enhance BDF’s visibility within the donor community to generate additional leverage to BDF’s funding and to attract growing numbers of MSMEs for support.
  • Develop an annual plan for missions, meetings, and other consultations for the CEO and/or the Advisor to the CEO for key constituencies and other external parties, including the preparation of notes, briefs, and additional materials.

The Advisor to the CEO and the Relations Specialist will work with BDF to map and identify potential funders and put in place resource mobilization strategies; they will also engage   donors/financiers/investors on behalf of BDF to mobilize additional funding sources since capital provided by the GOR and through the ERF are not sufficient to address effective MSME demand as indicated by forecasts from BDF and financial institutions.

3.    Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning. 

Improved MEL is necessary to measure and capture grassroots-level impact while tracking conformity to lending requirements mandated by the GOR. To date, BDF's reporting has been limited in scope to satisfy GOR norms; BDF must upgrade and enhance its systems to capture clientele-level impact and, afterward, customize reporting for new funding sources. Nguriza Nshore will lead this effort by embedding a project employee – a MEL expert – inside BDF and she will work closely with the Advisor to the CEO and the Relations Specialist to design and implement appropriate systems, frameworks, and reports for new audiences and funding sources.

4.    MSME Advisory Services.

BDF provides advisory services to MSMEs at the pre- and post-financing stages. Given COVID-19 knock-on effects – travel restrictions, social distancing requirements, etc. – BDF must pivot by designing and implementing new approaches and methodologies to serve its MSME clientele. Nguriza Nshore will provide BDF with a MSME advisor to devise new strategies, approaches, and systems. and the MSME Advisor will work closely with the Advisor to the CEO.

 Advisor to the CEO

Job Description

 About the Role Reporting to the CEO

This position will provide high-level advice and operational support to the CEO, including ERF and related activity implementation, monitoring and reporting on the progress of workplans/strategies/activities prepared by Nguriza Nshore and approved by BDF/MINICOM, ensuring the efficient management of the CEO’s office. The position will also assist in the rollout and implementation of key projects.

 Key Responsibilities

Project Management

  • With Nguriza Nshore, develop, monitor, review, and report on ERF and related activities from the workplace, strategies, and key projects falling under the CEO’s responsibility.
  • Provide coordination when required and play a key role in change management, internal communications, and reporting for CEO projects.
  • Identify gaps in the workplan/strategy and activities rollout and implementation.

Continuous Improvement

  • Draft and support the implementation of procedures in the role of Sub-Process Manager for areas of the business that the CEO holds Process Owner responsibility.
  • Undertake tasks that support the ongoing implementation of policies and procedures, including change management/implementation activities.

Executive Support

  • Support the CEO to manage information exchange and ensure effective communication occurs across key stakeholder groups, including resource mobilization with key constituencies such as multi-lateral development agencies, bi-lateral development agencies, development finance institutions (the USG’s Development Finance Corporation, the UK’s CDC Group, etc.), among others.
  • Draft correspondence to be sent on behalf of and signed by the CEO.
  • Ensure that urgent enquiries and emerging issues are brought to the CEO’s attention.
  • Share collective responsibility for delivering organizational objectives, through active engagement and collaboration with employees at all levels, including external stakeholders.

Organizational Responsibilities

  • Adhere to all organizational policies, procedures, standards, and practices.
  • Act only in ways that advance BDF/GoR objectives, values, and reputation.
  • Other duties, consistent with skills and experience, as directed by BDF/MINICOM/Nguriza Nshore.

 Core Competencies

  • Applies knowledge of the business and financial industry to advance BDF’s goals.
  • Creates a climate where people are motivated to do their best to help BDF achieve its objectives.
  • Builds strong client relationships and delivers client-centric solutions.
  • Seeks ways to improve outcomes for clients as consistent with BDF’s Mission, Vision, and Values.
  • Gains the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity, and authenticity.
  • Interacts with all stakeholders in ways that demonstrate respect for social and cultural differences and a commitment to challenging attendant economic and social inequities.

To be successful in this position you will have:

  • Graduate level qualification in banking, finance, business, or project management.
  • Minimum five years of work experience with a leading financial institution (or a similarly complex regulated industry) in the areas of risk mitigation, credit enhancements (guarantees), loan underwriting, enterprise/project finance, and/or financial product development.
  • Strong track record of managing and delivering projects within specified timeframes.
  • Previous delivery of support to senior management and/or P/L responsibility in a financial institution; experience working with corporate executives and senior-level government officials.
  • Delivery of policy and procedure development, review, and implementation.
  • Understanding of project management principles and application of relevant associated tools.
  • Ability to identify effective frameworks that match organizational needs and context.
  • An understanding of Governance and Board functions.
  • Knowledge of project management principles and application of relevant associated tools.
  • Comprehensive understanding of change management principles.
  • A sound knowledge of and experience working with the MSME sector.
  • Solid leadership and emotional intelligence skills, with demonstrated ability to collaborate, engage, and influence others.
  • Ability to identify opportunities for change and influence change, and lead continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Capacity to be highly confidential, discreet, and tactful.
  • Highly developed communication skills, both written and verbal, including an ability to prepare high-level reports for the CEO and external parties.
  • A lateral thinker with an ability to manage a multitude of complex tasks and projects simultaneously.

How to Apply



This position is full-time and based at BDF. Qualified Rwandan nationals need only apply.


For more information and application process please click here 

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