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Terms of Reference for Development of Business Plan for SOS CV Nyamagabe Macadamia Intensive Farming Project. Job at SOS CV Nyamagabe

  • SOS CV Nyamagabe
  • Employment Type: Contract
  • Salary:
  • Deadline: 2020-10-14
  • Location: Kigali - Rwanda
Terms of Reference for Development of Business Plan for SOS CV Nyamagabe Macadamia Intensive Farming Project.

Job Description

 SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda is a member association of SOS Children’s Villages International aiming at the provision of care and protection to vulnerable children around the world. We build alternative families for children who have lost parental and strengthen the capacity of families of children at risk of losing parental care to prevent family separation. SOS CV Rwanda runs child care and protection programmes in Gicumbi, Gasabo, Kayonza, and Nyamagabe Districts.

  1. Rationale and nature of the assignment

SOS CV Nyamagabeis one of the SOS CV Rwanda program locations, located in the southern province. Aiming at achieving its 2030m strategy, SOS CV Rwanda through SOS CV Gikongoro location is intended to develop a business plan for its forecasted Macadamia intensive farming project.

SOS CV Nyamagabe encourages all contesters whose knowledge, skills, and experience in Macadamia intensive firming and technical capabilities in the development of business plans and project planning and management to submit their technical and financial offers.

Job Requirements


The expected end product of this assignment will be a completely clear business plan of Macadamia intensive farming project which deliverables are as follow:

  • Technical drawing and topographical mapping of SOS CV Nyamagabe land potentially suitable for Macadamia intensive farming.
  • Soil testing and required Macadamia variety to maximize productivity.
  • A technical study including exhaustive stages, technical standards, measures of all requires activities covering a period of 5 years (From seeding to the first harvesting)
  • Detailed investment plan for the next 5 years
  • Detailed productivity plan for 5 years after the first harvesting and projection of the project profitability for 5 years.
  • Evaluation of the environmental impact of the project
  • Stakeholders mapping and potential market analysis in Rwanda and the region.
  1. Required qualification, experience, and competencies

The following conditions are however required to individuals and companies applying:

  • Must have an RDB Company registration certificate with a TIN number and allowed company services/business
  • Have at least a bachelor degree in agriculture, rural development, Soil management, forestry, or related fields;
  • Proven expertise in the field of agriculture or related field especially in macadamia farming with proof of previously performed services;
  • Proven Working experience in business planning and development;
  • Have English Language proficiency  
  • Proof of registration in the Electronic billing machine system.
  1. Timeline



Public advertisement of the ToR in Job in Rwanda

By 9 October 2020

Submission of technical and financial offers

By 14th October 2020

Completing the procurement process

By 21st October 2020

Notification of the winner and tender attribution

By 22nd October 2020

Contract signature

By 23rd October 2020

Submission of the first draft of the business plan document

3rd th November 2020

Inputs provision by SOS Staff

By 10th November 2020

Submission of the final version of the business plan

By 15th November 2020

How to Apply

Interested contenders fulfilling the requirements are invited to submit their technical and financial offers at cvgikongoro@sos-rwanda.org with cc to Freddy.uwisanga@sos-rwanda.org and before the expiration of the above-mentioned submission deadline.

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