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Consultant Job at SHOFCO

  • Employment Type: Contract
  • Salary:
  • Deadline: 2021-01-12
  • Location: Nairobi - Kenya

Job Description

Girl Effect is an international non-profit that builds media that girls want, trust and need. From chat-bots to chat-shows and TV dramas to tech, our content helps adolescent girls in Africa and Asia make choices and changes in their lives. Igniting their confidence to act differently at a time that can define their future.

We create safe spaces for girls, sharing facts, and answering questions about health, nutrition, education, relationships and so much more. To arm girls with the skills to negotiate and redefine what they are told is possible “for a girl”.

Our reach is 20 million and counting. And we’re using technology to reach girls at scale so every girl can
choose to be in control of her body, her health, her learning and livelihood. Because when a girl unlocks her power to make different choices that change her life, it inspires others to do so too. She starts a ripple effect that impacts her family, her community, her country. That’s the Girl Effect.

SHOFCO (Shining Hope for Communities) is a grassroots movement that catalyzes large-scale transformation in urban slums by providing critical services for all, community advocacy platforms, and education and leadership development for women and girls.


During 2020, COVID-19 has brought to the fore some of the biggest inequalities of our time – inequalities related to healthcare provision, financial security and even access to physical space and distance. As we think through what happens next, vaccine provision is seen as the holy grail to stop further spread. It’s clear, however, that provision of the COVID-19 vaccine will be rife with inequalities as well – inequalities in access but also credible information to ensure effective delivery and uptake.

Equitable health care provision, and especially vaccine uptake and community-based health care, are issues that Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), and Girl Effect (GE) have been working to address for many years. Now, SHOFCO and GE are partnering to address both sides of the equation. Working together, we will evaluate the barriers to vaccine uptake (specifically the COVID-19 vaccine) within the context of Kenya’s urban slums and will then design a program model of partnership that addresses both accessibility and trust in vaccination. If the model is successful it could be expanded to other locations within GE and SHOFCO’s network and applied to other vaccines and health related outcomes.

Expected commitment: Up to 40 days work.

Timeframe: January/February 2021 – April/May/June 2021.

Context of Assignment

Girl Effect is advertising for a consultant to support the research element of SHOFCO and GE’s programme to understand the specific barriers to vaccine uptake amongst Kenyan urban slum populations, with a particular focus on girls and young women, aged 15-24. The specific questions we are looking to address are:

  1. What are the barriers to vaccine uptake in Kenyan urban slums when it comes to the dual issues of vaccine hesitancy and ensuring local access?
  2. How different/similar are barriers to uptake for COVID-19 vaccine and routine immunisation (for children)?
  3. What tactics are essential to a successful vaccination campaign, in terms of driving demand and overcoming barriers to uptake?
  4. What is the current communication landscape for information about vaccines both formal e.g. government communication or informal e.g. social networks and community groups?
    a. What channels/platforms/formats/content sources do girls use/prefer for information and entertainment?
    b. What brands can girls recall?
    c. Where are there gaps in information/communication sources? What information are people not getting?
  5. What are the gaps in knowledge and or rumors that inform a young person’s understanding of vaccination?

In answering these questions, we hope to achieve the following outcomes:

  • New insights and understanding of the barriers to vaccine uptake in Kenyan slums and the main communication tools used by young people in the slums (both formal and informal).
  • An understanding of how GE and SHOFCO might work together in the future to address the above barriers and a clear plan for doing so in a phase two of the project.
  • Identification of other partners needed to make the intervention successful.

Insights captured during this project will also be used to inform GE’s broader vaccine work across multiple geographies through its partnership with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.


The consultant will deliver the following activities in a COVID-safe manner in close collaboration with GE and SHOFCO teams:

  • Draft research plan for how to address the key questions above.
  • Conduct formative desk research to understand vaccine access issues in Kenyan slum communities.
  • Lead survey design for surveys with girls through SHOFCO’s SMS platform about their perception of vaccines, pervasive myths or misconceptions and how they like to receive information.
  • Lead on designing a survey using GE’s Technology Enabled Girl Ambassador technology with 15-25 girls to provide more detailed insights into their perceptions of vaccines and accessing them.
  • Recommend any other research activities (e.g. FGDs, KIIs, co-creation activities) that would be beneficial and could be delivered within the required timeframe and budget.
  • Draw up final report capturing findings, with review from SHOFCO and GE teams, and verification of results with girls.

Specific tasks and deliverables

  • Report summarising results of desk research.
  • Input to COVID-19 and safeguarding risk assessment for any in-person research activities.
  • Support on survey design for SHOFCO’s SMS survey and GE’s TEGA survey.
  • Delivering other research activities as agreed.
  • Final findings report, including socialising findings with girls and sense-checking recommendations.
  • Attending programme co-design workshop with GE and SHOFCO teams.

Project milestones

  • Early Jan – latest mid-Feb 2021: contracting
  • Mid-Feb – latest mid-March: desk research and consultation and validation of hypotheses with partners and stakeholders
  • Mid-March – latest Early-April: SMS survey with SHOFCO and TEGA research with GE
  • Late-April – latest mid-May: Analysis and final reporting (including socialising findings with girls and sense-checking recommendations)
  • Mid-May – latest mid-June: Contribute to programme design activities with SHOFCO/GE teams e.g. attend a co-design workshop

N.B. Ideally these time frames would be shortened to allow for the project to present its findings in April/May due to the need to understand these areas as soon as possible given the Covid vaccine roll-out timeline.

Job Requirements

  • You have a thorough understanding of the Kenyan landscape for young women and girls.
  • You have experience in using innovative participatory research methods, especially with young people and girls.
  • Advanced qualitative research design and analysis skills.
  • Experience working across teams with different specialisms.
  • Experience working with marginalised groups and communities, particularly youth.
  • Strong awareness of safeguarding issues and willingness to adhere to and sign GE and/or SHOFCO’s safeguarding policies.
  • Degree(s) in social sciences, anthropology, international development, gender or related field.
  • Ability to speak Kiswahili/ Sheng is strongly desired.
  • Preferred location is Kenya

Proposal submission

Qualified individuals or firms are invited to submit a proposal (Max. 20 pages) that includes the following:

  1. Qualification and experience of the individual/firm.
  2. Approach and methodology to undertake this Assignment underpinned by a demonstration of value for money.
  3. Previous experience in similar assignment(s) in line with the ‘Who You Are’ section above.
  4. A detailed financial budget (in USD) and work plan. N.B. The technical and financial proposals will need to be submitted as separate documents.


The consultant will report to Girl Effect’s Project Manager and/or Senior Evidence Manager.

Evaluation Criteria

An evaluation committee will be formed by GE/SHOFCO staff members. The consultant should ensure that they fully respond to all criteria to be comprehensively evaluated.

The evaluation committee may request and receive clarification from any individual/firm when evaluating their proposal. The evaluation committee may invite some or all the applicants to appear before the committee to clarify their proposals. In such an event, the evaluation committee may consider such clarifications in evaluating proposals.

In deciding the final selection of a qualified bidder, the technical quality of the proposal will be given a weighting of 70% based on the evaluation criteria. Only the financial proposal of those bidders who qualify technically will be opened. The financial proposal will be allocated a weighting of 30% and the proposals will be ranked in terms of total points scored.

The criteria against which proposals will be evaluated are identified in the table below:

Key Areas for Evaluation/ Assessment Weighted Award

(A) TECHNICAL PROPOSAL: Weighted Award – 70

i) A detailed understanding of the consultancy requirements: 15

  • Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the Assignment, the topic at hand (barriers to vaccine uptake) and the deliverables required: 5.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of gender and qualitative research: 10.

ii) Methodology and work-plan that will deliver the best value on the Assignment: 30

  • Demonstrate the strategy and capacity to deliver each of the task(s) within a realistic timeline, underpinned by value for money. Please refer to the ‘specific tasks and deliverables’ section above here: 25.
  • A strategy that demonstrates the capability to deliver different sections of this assignment virtually and in person, as required and as appropriate in the Covid-19 context: 5

iii) Relevant services undertaken by the bidder in past engagements: 25

  • Demonstrate relevant experience and recent engagements with international development agencies or market research companies. Include short paragraphs outlining similar Assignments conducted previously, along with
    contact details of references in those organisations should GE/SHOFCO wish to contact them for a reference: 15
  •  Geographical Reach: Demonstrate relevant geographical experience, knowledge and reach to effectively carry out the assignment: 10

(B) FINANCIAL PROPOSAL: Weighted Award – 30

  • Clarity, relevance, reality to market value/ value for money of cost for the assignment (inclusive of any applicable tax): 30

How to Apply

To apply for this opportunity please submit a proposal by email with the subject line “Understanding Barriers to Vaccine Uptake in Kenyan Slums” to suppliers@girleffect.org by January 12th 2021, 5:00 pm EAT latest.

Applicants are advised to ensure that they have a clear understanding of their tax position with regards to provisions of jurisdiction tax legislation when developing their proposals.

GE reserves the right to determine the structure of the process, number of short-listed participants, the right to withdraw from the proposal process, the right to change this timetable at any time without notice and reserves the right to withdraw this tender at any time, without prior notice and without liability to compensate and/or reimburse any party.

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