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What is The NetworkedPros?

The NetworkedPros philosophy is to connect you with resources for job searching & for moving up the career ladder. Click here to sign up on The NetworkedPros!

What are the benefits of signing up on The NetworkedPros as a job seeker?


  1. You will get access to the latest job vacancies in your industry and location
  2. You will access excellent professional CV samples (which is FREE)
  3. You will get noticed by employers and recruiters through our employers portal
  4. You will have your profile accessible to hundreds of employers
  5. You will have access to expert career advice

How do I sign up on The NetworkedPros?

Visit NetworkedPros Registration Page and add your details to sign up.!

What type of jobs does The NetworkedPros post?

The NetworkedPros posts jobs from all industries. Visit  NetworkedPros Jobs Page to view and apply!

How do i get a job through The NetworkedPros?

First visit Registration Page create a profile as a job seeker.

Second, ensure that you verify your account in which you will be sent a verification link to your email.

Third, login to your account using the credentials and update your profile. Make sure you include your education records, work experience and skills.

Next, include your referees - employers check on the referee feedback received when shortlisting candidates.

Lastly, click onto the vacancies to apply.

What is Employer Dashboard?

Employer Dashboard is a Dashboard which provides an overall view of the Employer’s account about the Recent Job Postings by Employer, recently saved search (hiring folders), Account Utilization status. Click here to see the Employer Dashboard snapshot.

How can I post a job?

If you are new to our portal then, you can be able to post a job by clicking on any link which says “post a job” on The NetworkedPros. If you are an existing customer then you can post a job as mentioned earlier or else login to your employer’s account and click on “Post a job” on your dashboard.

Can I post a job for free?

Yes, you can. We allow unlimited free job posting. Please note, duplicate jobs and spam jobs will not be made live.

Can I select Multiple Job Locations while posting a Job?

Yes, you can select Multiple Job Locations while posting a job by selecting all the available options with a check box provided beside each location.

How can I contact candidates from Express Recruitment?

You can contact candidates from Express Reruitment via

  • Sending E-mail/SMS
  • The candidates contact details in Excel

Once I posted a Job for how long my job will remain on The NetworkedPros?

All jobs remain active on website until the last date of Job application as given by you while posting a job.

How long will it take for my job to get live on The NetworkedPros website?

It takes close to 30 minutes after the job is approved by the admin to come live on website.

Can I edit the already Posted Job? If Yes, How can I do that?

Yes, you can edit the already posted Job by following the below steps

  • Login into your employer account
  • Click on the responses against the job you have posted
  • Click on Edit button beside the job id(a small pencil like icon)

How do I view the Job responses received for the job that I’ve posted?

To see the Responses for the Posted Job, please follow the below steps

  • Login into your employer account
  • Click on Response(s) number link against the job you have posted and you will be able to see the candidates who have applied for the job posting