Gender Diversity at the Workplace Course


This three-day course will help you identify what it is you can do to improve gender diversity within your organization and provide you with the tools to create a convincing business case and action plan that will drive good practice and generate company-wide support for gender diversity in the workplace.


5 Days


This course is designed for HR Practitioner, Recruiter, Line Manager or Leader responsible for improving the gender diversity within your organization, and you want some practical tools and techniques to help and support you.

Foundation Level


By the end of the course, participants will have:

  • The current gender diversity landscape and why embracing gender diversity is becoming an increasingly important mainstream business issue

  • The importance of creating a relevant business case for strategic action

  • Recruitment and attraction strategies for greater gender diversity

  • Barriers to achieving greater gender diversity - how to retain females/males within your organizations by addressing organizational and mind-set factors

  • The development of initiatives to create greater gender diversity

  • How to stimulate systemic change and track progress

  • A framework for designing and implementing an effective gender diversity action plan to support business needs

  • Ways of keeping in touch with good practice and maintaining progress.


  • Introductions

  • Explore the current gender diversity landscape

  • Examine the key drivers influencing the attention on gender diversity

  • The business case – the importance of identifying the needs of your organization

  • How to recruit and attract for greater gender diversity including the employee value proposition, recruitment criteria used and gender bias when hiring

  • How to retain women/men within your organization by reviewing organizational factors including equal pay, policies and procedures, company values, culture and role models which may unwittingly disadvantage women.

  • How to retain women/men within your organization by addressing mindset factors including unconscious bias, masculine v feminine leadership styles and behaviors and understanding the differences between men and women

  • Examining different types of development initiatives to encourage greater gender diversity and support for women: including gender diversity training, creating female networks and the role of mentoring

  • Exploring systemic change and how you can track your progress

  • Creating a gender diversity strategy and identifying organizational ways to support your strategy

  • Draw up an action plan to start identifying what you and your organization needs to focus on

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