Risk Based Underwriting Course


Insurance Business can succeed by proper access to and use of authentic detailed underwriting and claims data.  This is a prerequisite to successful move to freedom in market.  Kenyan market should compile / share sufficient and detailed data required for actuarial analysis and pricing.  Rating based on limited data could mean a repeat of the 1994 marine experience.  The communication and negotiation skills for service and efficiency will have a prominent role in new environment.   Underwriting, an individual company’s prerogative; can be used as a tool for marketing and profitability of operations.


5 Days

Who Should Attend

Underwriters, Compliance Officers, Officers In charge of Claims Dept., Officers of IT Dept., Officers of Underwriting Audit Department and such other officers

Foundation Level

Course Objectives

  • Acquaint with underwriting knowledge in specific lines – Fire, Marine, Engineering, Motor (auto), Miscellaneous Liability, Health.
  • Understand relevance of actuarial practices for sound and prudent underwriting
  • Impact of changing scenario in on Reinsurance build up
  • Acquire an integrated view of underwriting and related insurance operations


Course Outline

  • Actuarial Application in Non-Life Insurance
  • Pricing of  Products and new riders
  • Identification of data needs, collection of data; Analysis & Valuation
  • Risk Inspection as a tool for greater understanding of risk
  • Evaluating risk:  Hazard & Hazop Analysis
  • Evaluation of Proposals, Reporting of risk to the company
  • Training Underwriter: Classes of Risks for internal lines
  • Identification of rating factors for every subclass
  • Rating of risk and determining the terms and conditions of cover – quoting rates
  • Internal audit of underwriting policy & philosophy
  • Reinsurance as a tool for better underwriting
  • IT Requirements in prudent underwriting
  • Methods for Data Compilation – Centralized data warehouse, data extraction and analysis

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